This blog is about Hacking, Pentesting, Infosec, KALI linux, Offensive Security etc.

Who am I?

Dan (@dab00ze), Freelance IT consultant, OSCP, OSCE, passionate coder (github link), reverse-o-holic, autodidact, audiophile, part-time hacker, full-time nerd.

Born in Hamburg – living in Düsseldorf (yes, that’s in Germany).

I love cats. Because cats are smart. And they just don’t give a shit. Which I admire.

Some more blurb? Ok. I am attached to “IT” since the 1980’s and have always been interested in IT “security” and “hacking”. There are/were really no boundaries or limits. Whatever interests me, gets dissected to its bones. I want to understand stuff to its lowest levels. Why? Because it’s fun and challenging … and because I love to learn. And hell I just love to improve things 🙂