Welcome to my new Blog!

Hey guys!

Since i’m planning to dedicate more time for working in the Information Security sector, I decided to launch this little blog to tell the world about my experiences…

Not really intend to focus on one or two “special” topics. I’ll just explore anything that’s interesting, challenging and will try to find stuff that hasn’t been analyzed/hacked/exploited before.

I love to combine IT-stuff with “the real world” so it’ll be interesting to also check out all these nice “things of daily usage” (a.k.a. Internet of Things or IoT). We’re so very much surrounded by a gazillion of devices that send and transmit data – over various channels , with many different protocols. Will be fun to find out about their security mechanisms.

Also planning to visit various “hacker” conferences this year – will definitely post some reports here. Will keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new Blog!

  1. Such an amazing blog … just wanted to ask when did you start having the interest in info sec. and how did you start in the first place. I would love to read such an experience


    1. I don’t know. I’m into “hacking” stuff since “ever” – means since the 80’s. Constantly being curious about “how things work” I guess 😉


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